Quartz CLIMAX 100% SiO2 Glass Coating

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Quartz Climax is a 100% SiO2 glass inorganic coating exclusively for professional use only.
This premier coating forms an impenetrable barrier protecting the paintwork from environmental contaminants, UV rays and high chemical resistance.
Climax creates a transparent hard glass-like layer on the surface which also reflects extreme glossiness!
With a separate application of the hydrophobic property, Climax immensely boosts up the water repellency of the surface and offering a high ability of self-cleaning effect which endures the shininess.
Quartz Climax is suitable for all types of automotive paints.


Product Description


1) Prep the paintwork from paint correction
2) Use Oil Zero to degrease the paintwork from residues
3) Pour 1 to 2 drops of Climax Phase 1 on the microfiber given, apply on the paintwork evenly
4) Use the microfiber cloth to wipe off the coating residue after applied on every section
5) Once the whole vehicle has been applied with Climax Phase 1, use a new microfiber cloth to inspect and wipe off coating residues.
* One direction when wiping*
6) After 2 hours of Climax Phase 1, apply Phase 2 following the above step 3 to 5.
7) Best to cure with IR lights after Climax Phase 1 & Phase 2

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