Glass Polish 500ml

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Glass Polish is TACYSYSTEM most efficient glass multi-cleaner. This creamy compound provides a grape scent, safely removes all environmental contaminants such as road grime, water marks, insects remains, tree sap, grease and droppings that blurs out your glass-visibility without marking or scratching the glass surface.
Glass Polish can be applied on windows that are made of Glass, acrylic and Perspex. If apply with polisher, it will cost less time, strengthen and get perfect efficiency. After operation, you will enjoy clear perfection of glass surface. It also has the function of anti-pollution.


Product Description


1.Clean glass surface from dirt & dust with water
2.Shake well of Glass Polish
3.Use applicator: sufficient amount on applicator, rub gently on glass, cross-section. Use Random Orbital machine: Sufficient amount on pad, polish glass.
4.Rinse glass thoroughly with water.

May need to repeat step 3-4 if glass is well contaminated.


1.Avoid direct exposure light and keep in cool place
2.DO not use or store near heat or open flame
3.Avoid letting it dry on any surface
4.Put it away from child’s reach
5.Caution Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs,rinse with water immediately


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