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FABRIC COAT is TACSYSTEM newly formulated coating tailor-made for fabrics, ie. Cloth, leather. It is very simple to apply and offers a super hydrophobic effect on fabrics applied. Fabric Coat provides perfect UV protection and high stain resistant for the fabrics; consequently enhance the durability and life expectancy of the material. Fabric coat is preventing discoloration and avoiding deformation of fabric effectively. It would be your perfect choice.




1. Clean the material well from dirt and oily residues (Best using our Multi Cleaner)
2. Dry material completely.
3. Shake the bottle and spray evenly all over the fabric or leather.
Let completely dry with sunlight or heat gun.
* Working temperature: 10-30℃.


Keep bottle tightly closed after used and store in cool dry space. Keep product out of reach from children. Wear suitable gloves. If comes into contact with skin, rinse well with water. If it comes in contact with eyes, rinse immediately and seek medical advice. Do not drink! If swallowed, consult a doctor immediately and show product container and label.


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We also going to export this new product all over the world.
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