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Refinish 1 

TACSYSTEM Refinish 1 Quartz Cut Compound is designed specifically used for intensive paint corrections on all types of paintwork in especially water-based paint. R1 is TACSYSTEM ultra-cut paint correction compound, which can effectively remove oxidised surface, deep scratches and other defects. R1 is formulated based on particles of both natural resin, high hardness silica sand and others, which offers a strong cutting power, capable of removing #600 sanding marks and scratches. R1 produces extreme high gloss effect on polished surface. R1 is best used with TACSYSTEM Middle-Wool Pad as well as cutting pas on Rotary machine.

Refinish 2

Refinish 2 is a cutting compound that also maximizes the shininess of the paint surface. R2 has a cutting power of #1500 sanding marks and reaches up to #4500 of polishing level.R2’s cut and gloss characteristics make it ideal for all types of paintwork in especially to water-based paint. During this stage with R2, it will remove medium scratches, water spots and refining out machine holograms or swirl marks that might cause by step 1 leveling of paint correction. R2 will also enhance the level of glossiness on the paint correction process. R2 works well with TACSYSTEM Middle wool pads as well as polishing pads.

Refinish 3

Refinish 3 is TACSYSTEM formulated polishing and glazing compound specifically for water based paintwork. R3 produces an extreme gloss finish and it can remove fine swirl marks and holograms. R3 has a #2500 polishing power and reaches up to #12000 of glazing effect. R3 produces very little amount of residues after used, hence easier for detailers to continue their work to coating. R3 works well with polishing pads.