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TACSYSTEM established in 1995, have more than 1,000 products which are authorized with the Certificate of Patent by the Korean Intellectual Property Office. TACSYSTEM is the first one to develop Quartz Coat. It marked the end of organic wax era and the beginning of the new inorganic coating era. TACSYSTEM is always consistently working on environmental protection, cost savings, dust-free operation and high efficiency operation.
TACSYSTEM chose Care It Detailerz Pvt Ltd as their partners and master distributor in India.
Care It Detailerz Pvt Ltd not only import products from TACSYSTEM but imports newer technology and cost saving operations. A special hand on training for all associated with us on TACSYSTEM is in offering for achieving maximum output with the best line of products and technology and in turn saving cost. A range of products ranging from cleaning, polishing, water repellent products, Tyre & wheel wax, interior car products, coating and many such products are going to be part of range of products that are in offering for distributors, resellers and detailing enthusiastic.